Smartly Supremely Superbly Shit
Handcrafted Handled Homogenised Hot

SHArt Automates Design Implementation through an AI Based Image Database.

In the past when you wanted to place content and brand to: a poster, catalogue, flyer, website, mobile device or content feed, you would typically create many designs and go through a convoluted approval processes. With Spawnit's ArtBots you can create Smartly Handled Art on demand, in seconds.

If you want to consistently apply your style guide; do it faster across every channel simultaneously; reduce the workload on your team, and do it more cost effectively, you are looking for SHArt.

For Your Business

SHArt applies your brand and style guide rules across multiple platforms including, print, online, social media, mobile devices and more:
  • Intuitively
  • Faster
  • Cheaper
  • Consistently
  • On demand - 24/7
  • In realtime - simultaneously
  • From a single suite of content
  • Implemented in stages to transition the business seamlessly
In additions SHArt:
  • Automates the operational creative process, freeing up your marketing and creative team to tackle the big issues
  • Is an intelligence suite that sits between your content and the destination for your brand & message, intuitively applying your brand guidelines in real time, no matter what output you want, print, online, social, mobile and more

When combined with Synapse a user can:
Implement a bi-directional field management system
Automatically create fields for new types of data and image templates
Automatically create templates in databases for new data

Simultaneously create different outputs, like a business card, flyer and social media updates at the same time
Creates automated XML content feeds that can be consumed by other websites
Uploaded artwork will automatically create the fields needed in the database
Images can be managed via the synapse image library and placed on supported templates