Relationships, Quoting and Management App to Streamline Sales

Synapse is a cloud based Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system that seamlessly integrates with genius and SHArt to manage all aspects of your artwork, procurement and relationship management requirements. It offers a wider communication net than more traditional CRM systems and is a customizable database that can be modified to meet the needs of the user. The Quoting Engine hooks into Xero and can store client artwork on the cloud to maximise usability… it provides capabilities for your clients to order, reorder and review their interactions with your business. The focus is augmenting traditional Sales Teams in with consistency; speed to market, quote communication and ease of management.

The Synapse Solution

  • Automates the workflow and communication of the quoting process
  • Removes the need to generate a quote request from an estimator by providing staff access to frequently ordered products 
  • Places products at the fingertips of staff
  • Manages client artwork, histories, experience and contacts to allow seamless account management and transition from query to sale
    allows quoting of goods in real-time

Synapse Features

Digital Asset Management (DAM) System provides you with a central repository to store, manage, search and retrieve:

  • Images
  • Archives
  • Manuals
  • Videos
  • Documents of any kind, for example:
    • Word
    • PDF
    • Excel
    • JPEG, etc.