Spawnit’s current focus is helping people deal with the COVID-19 hand we have all been dealt, if you need help finding work then please head over to ZYGAVERSE where you can find resources and build a ZYGADOC™ (the modern replacement to a resumé).

Interaction Automation

Synapse is a cloud based Content Management System (CMS) with a flexible Contact Relationship Management (CRM) system, it is the perfect Relationships, Quoting and Management App for streamlining sales. Making it easier to service and sell to your clients, again and again. Plus you can seamlessly integrate Genius and SHArt to automate even more tasks in your business.

Design and Accessibility

SHArt automates design implementations through flexible AI algorithms and powerful databases. Remove the rigid and convoluted processes involved in creating your communications materials. Create multiple outputs for posters, catalogues, flyers, websites, mobile, etc… Produce Smartly Handled Art with SHArt's Cyber Cyborgs, on demand, in seconds, across all channels.